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5 Days Left to the Election

Friday, November 04, 2016


There are only 5 days left until the final decision on Measure 97 will be made.


We’re urging you to vote NO on Measure 97 to defeat a $6 billion tax on Oregon sales, a badly designed tax that would increase costs for Oregon families, farmers, small businesses and consumers with no guarantee the revenue would be spent on education or anything else.


The stakes are incredibly high. The nonpartisan Legislative Revenue Office studied Measure 97 and concluded it would cost at least 38,200 Oregon private sector jobs and increase costs for the typical Oregon family by $600 per year. Because there are no exemptions on what would be taxed if 97 passes, increasing prices for food, electricity, medicine, healthcare and other essentials, low and middle-income families and seniors on fixed incomes would be hurt the most. Oregon businesses would also face higher costs for almost everything they need to operate.


Vote NO and vote now. Tell your friends, colleague and neighbors to do the same.


To be sure that your NO vote is counted, your signed ballot needs to be received by elections officials by 8pm on Election Day. 


Every vote matters and every vote will make a difference this election.



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